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Review Summary: RingCentral virtual PBX phone system is the #1 choice for entrepreneurs and mobile professionals, giving you a full featured, cloud-based telephone solution. RingCentral offers an incredible feature set for a low monthly price. If you are looking to make your small company seem like a Fortune 500 corporation, RingCentral virtual PBX system is the right choice for you.

prosFREE, no-obligation 30-day trial available. Cloud PBX plans start at just $8.29 per month. No hardware to buy. No contract or commitment ProUnlimited plan comes with UNLIMITED local, long distance and toll-free minutes. Easy to use web interface controls all aspects of your VOIP PBX phone system.

consLimit of 200 voicemail/fax saved messages. However, saved faxes and messages can stay in your email inbox forever.

4.5 stars

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Read a comprehensive review of RingCentral's advanced telecommunication features.

This particular RingCentral service is a cloud-based phone solution that utilizes your existing telephone lines (landlines and/or cellular). If you are looking for a complete web-based communication system to replace an existing traditional system, or if you do not have current service, you should consider getting a complete cloud-based system.

RingCentral Office is an affordable, complete cloud-based business phone solution, giving you powerful communication features for far less cost than a traditional solution. Utilizing VOIP technology via your high speed Internet connection, RingCentral Office doesn't require traditional copper line service, only VOIP compatible handsets (which are available of a nominal, one-time charge).

Learn more about the RingCentral Office VOIP small business phone service to see how using it can benefit your enterprise.

RingCentral is the number one choice in virtual PBX systems for entrepreneurs and mobile professionals who want to make their company sound like a Fortune 500 corporation. A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) virtual telephone solution can make every organization better by making it more professional, more efficient, and more profitable. RingCentral is among the top virtual phone system providers, and is the right choice for your operation. This virtual PBX review will introduce you to what is one of the most affordable ways to bring advanced telecommunication features to any sized business.

Virtual PBX Phone System That Uses VOIP Technology

RingCentral is an Internet-based, affordable virtual PBX service and online fax solution specifically designed for entrepreneurs and mobile professionals. RingCentral's VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol - Wikipedia definition) technology supercharges your existing telephone service by adding cloud-based advanced telecommunications features. Since it is not tied to hardware or landlines, RingCentral delivers its services through any traditional phone, and can be accessed through any computer in the world, thus immediately connecting all mobile employees and remote offices.

No additional telephone lines or features are needed to use RingCentral; you use your existing landlines and/or cellular service. The virtual PBX telephone system provided by RingCentral is a completely stand-alone addition that layers on top of what you already have. To answer incoming calls, you just need a handset with dial tone - that could be a cell, home, or office phone, or any other existing telephone line. You can also answer incoming calls through your computer with RingCentral's Call Controller.

See the two videos below to get an overview of the RingCentral cloud-based phone solution and see how you can take advantage of its many exciting features.

A Virtual PBX Service That is Easy to Use, Feature Rich

All RingCentral cloud-based phone plans include a toll free or local number, Internet fax functionality, online PBX features, and leading-edge web-based small business PBX capability not found on even the most expensive communication hardware. Examples of RingCentral's advanced features include online call management, call screening, comprehensive voicemail services, advanced answering rules, and mobile access to all system features (see the comparison table below to see other features). No new hardware or software is required.

RingCentral's virtual PBX VOIP system gives smaller companies and mobile professionals a more polished image by combining toll-free and local numbers with advanced call management features. From an easy-to-use online interface, RingCentral allows you to set up departments, assign extensions, record greetings, and manage how incoming calls are handled for each extension. You can also track all incoming and outgoing communication and faxes from the web interface. With plans starting at just $8.29 per month, RingCentral's cloud-based telephone system allows any sized company seem like a large operation.

A VOIP Communication Solution For Any Sized Operation

Whether you are a one-person operation, or you have employees spread out over multiple locations (including working from home), RingCentral VOIP PBX phone systems gives you the ability to have your customers call one toll-free or local number and connect to any of your employees, anywhere in the world.

Incoming calls received by RingCentral's VOIP PBX system are routed to any working number that you wish, anywhere in the world, using advanced call forwarding services. And, with RingCentral's solution, you can have incoming calls routed to any employee anywhere they are. By using a hosted PBX phone system, your employees don't have to be in one office space to be able to share the same phone number. You can have employees all over the city, country, or world, and all are reachable by your customers via the same toll-free or local number.

RingCentral seamlessly integrates all of your customer interaction through one main number. Or, you can have multiple numbers for your business, all running through RingCentral's cloud-based system.

Four Available VOIP PBX Plans - All With a FREE, No-obligation Trial

RingCentral offers a FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial with all of their four different calling plans. When you sign up for the no-obligation, free trial, you receive free minutes equal to what normally comes in the monthly subscription. This means that, depending on the plan you choose, you will have from 300 to unlimited free minutes to use during your 30-day trial.

RingCentral's ProUnlimited plan comes with UNLIMITED local, long distance and toll-free minutes at a very affordable price. If you have a lot of incoming local call volume, then the ProUnlimited plan is a very affordable way to have an advanced virtual PBX system for your company.

If you don't like RingCentral's solution, you can cancel anytime during your 30 days and you will not be charged anything. However, we feel you will instantly recognize the benefits of their service and continue to happily use them for many years to come.

Final Thoughts on RingCentral

RingCentral Voice Over IP PBX systems are a great addition to your company's current telephone service, giving you all of the functions of a Fortune 500 system at a low, monthly price any organization can afford.

Whether you are the only employee, or you have dozens of people working for you, RingCentral's virtual PBX phone system gives you flexibility to configure a telecommunication service to match your needs.

RingCentral not only gives you the telephone features you seek, it gives you a big-company, professional image that will help you gain a competitive edge and grow your business.

Give RingCentral's Internet PBX phone system a try with their 30-day FREE, no-obligation trial, and see how it can make you and your company more productive and profitable.

VOIP PBX telephone system

Video Introduction to RingCentral's VOIP PBX Telephone System

Below, you will find two videos that introduce the RingCentral cloud-based telephone service:

RingCentral Virtual PBX Service Plan Comparison

Read a comprehensive review of RingCentral's advanced telecommunication features.

Pro ProPlus ProBusiness ProUnlimited
Monthly Price (if paid monthly) No long-term commitment - cancel anytime! $9.89 $19.99 $29.99 $39.99
Monthly Price (if paid annually) $8.29 $16.29 $23.29 $31.29
30-day FREE, No-obligation Trial checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free Setup & Activation checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Included Monthly Minutes 300 1000 UNLIMITED local & long distance (1000 toll-free) UNLIMITED local, long distance & TOLL-FREE
Additional Minutes 4.9¢ 4.4¢ 4.2¢ n/c
One-Legged Billing checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Toll-Free or Local Number checkmark1 checkmark1 checkmark1 checkmark1
Transfer Existing Numbers checkmarkUnlimited checkmarkUnlimited checkmarkUnlimited checkmarkUnlimited
Additional Local Numbers $4.99/month $4.99/month $4.99/month $4.99/month
True 800 Number (Starts with 800) $30 Activation $30 Activation $30 Activation $30 Activation
Dedicated Fax Number $4.99/month checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dial-by-Name Directory $4.99/month checkmark checkmark checkmark
Business Voicemail with eMail Delivery checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Virtual Auto Attendant checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Internet Fax checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Unified Messaging checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Forwarding checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Answering Rules checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
ACD Call Queuing checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hold Music/Messages checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Screening checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Controller checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Logs checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
RingMe Click-to-Call checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Note: For an explanation of the above features, please see the RingCentral Feature Guide.

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