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virtual phone system reviews

A virtual phone system brings an incredible cloud-based telecommunication feature set to your existing office, home, or mobile telephone lines. By using a virtual phone service, which forwards incoming calls to any working telephone line anywhere in the world, you can be reached no matter where you are located. Your incoming calls will literally follow your every step ensuring you will always be able to be reached, if you want to be.

An online phone service is the perfect solution for both individuals and businesses looking to add more functionality to their existing telephone service. For a very affordable monthly fee, you receive telecommunication technology normally reserved only for Fortune 500 companies. Are you ready to supercharge your existing communication capability?

Virtual Phone System Features

A virtual, or Internet, phone system has some very powerful communication features that bring a whole new level of telecommunication capability to your existing service. These include cloud-based auto attendant, call forwarding capability, call screening, call queuing, voicemail, and online fax capability. See the individual virtual phone system reviews below for further explanation of what great features are available from the leading providers.

By using your existing telephone lines, including your cell and home phone, virtual phone systems make it very simple for your customers and business partners to get in touch with you, even if you are on the go. On top of other advanced features, you have full control of the call forwarding capability. This means as you travel, your incoming calls can follow you, to any working phone, anywhere in the world. You also have control of inbound call routing based on area codes, or even individual numbers, allowing for incredibly granular inbound call routing control.

A really useful feature of Internet phone systems is the ability to add additional numbers, which gives a business the ability to have a local presence in many different markets, without actually having a physical presence there. Add and subtract telephone numbers as your business needs change, all the while having full control of where the incoming callers are routed. You can route incoming calls from different numbers to different employees or departments within your company, or you can route all incoming callers to the same telephone line. The choice is yours and you can make changes as you see fit.

You don't have to be a business to enjoy the benefits of using a virtual phone line with your existing phone service. As a matter of fact, an online phone system is the ideal solution for anyone who doesn't want to give out their main phone number, yet needs to provide a way for someone to get in touch with them. You can even get a number for temporary use. For example, you need to sell a car, but you don't want to get harassing phone calls once the sale is made.

Is a Virtual Phone Service an Ideal Business Tool?

Most companies live and die by the telephone, which is their primary customer communication method. Consider what it would mean to your business if your customers had the ability to get in touch with you, no matter where you happen to be. With full control of incoming call routing, a virtual telephone solution allows you to send incoming calls to any number you choose, making it incredibly simple for your customers to find you, even when you are out of the office.

Mobile professionals really benefit from a virtual phone system, but any company that relies on the telephone as a primary communication method can also benefit. Imagine the convenience of having a single local or toll-free main virtual phone number for your company and being able to route incoming calls to your existing business phone service, a cell phone, or even your home number. The flexibility of virtual phone services means that you are able to handle calls the best way possible at any particular moment, and you have the ability to change how calls are handled with just a few mouse clicks. Business communication has never been easier!

As a leader in online phone services, RingCentral makes it easy to try out their solution by offering a FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial. Harness the power of the Internet to bring advanced communication technology to your small business and never again worry about missing another important call.

Virtual Phone System Reviews

Below, you will find links leading to virtual phone system reviews of the top online phone service providers, so that you can make an informed decision as to which solution is right for your operation. To learn even more about what each provider has to offer, visit their websites, and further explore each option.

Simply select which review you are interested in reading by clicking on one of the "Read Review" buttons below. Or, you may compare Internet phone systems to view a comparison of the two top virtual phone systems.

The below virtual phone systems require you to already have an existing telephone service (landline and/or cellphone) and provides additional communication features that greatly enhance this existing service. If you are looking for a ground-up solution, then the RingCentral Office cloud-based small business phone system might be the right solution for you.

RingCentral offers a full-featured VOIP (Wikipedia definition) solution they call RingCentral Office. Fully utilizing the power of the Internet to bring Fortune 500 level communications to the little guy, RingCentral Office comes with dedicated VOIP phone lines so you do not need an existing service.

With plans starting at under $50 per month, RingCentral Office is a very affordable alternative to traditional business telephone solutions. With no need for expensive equipment, costly installation, or any technical expertise, RingCentral Office is a great solution for those needing a small business phone system. RingCentral Office has features you would only expect to see in systems costing thousands of dollars, giving small companies every communication advantage large companies have enjoyed for years.

Read more about RingCentral Office cloud-based small business phone system, or visit the RingCentral Office Website.

RingCentral Office small business phone system
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Review Summary: RingCentral virtual PBX phone system is the #1 choice for entrepreneurs and mobile professionals, giving you a full featured, cloud-based telephone solution. RingCentral offers an incredible feature set for a low monthly price. If you are looking to make your small company seem like a Fortune 500 corporation, RingCentral virtual PBX system is the right choice for you.

prosFREE, no-obligation 30-day trial available. Cloud PBX plans start at just $8.29 per month. No hardware to buy. No contract or commitment. ProUnlimited plan comes with UNLIMITED local, long distance and toll-free minutes. Easy to use web interface controls all aspects of your VOIP PBX phone system.

consLimit of 200 voicemail/fax saved messages. However, saved faxes and messages can stay in your email inbox forever.

4.5 stars read review
ringcentral online phone service free trial
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Review Summary: Grasshopper hosted PBX phone system does not quite match up to the competition in terms of included cloud-based features. While Grasshopper is a good service overall, RingCentral is a better hosted PBX service that gives you greater functionality.

pros30-day money back guarantee for this cloud-based phone system. Unlimited saved online voicemail space. Optional text transcription of incoming messages.

consAdditional minutes more expensive than the competition. Feature set less complete than the competing hosted IP PBX provider. Very limited outbound faxing capability - only able to receive faxes.

3.5 stars read review
grasshopper virtual phone service