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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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Review Summary: Directors and officers liability insurance protects key members of a company's management team from lawsuits brought about due to their job performance. Get FREE, no-obligation D&O insurance quotes from NetQuote to easily find the best commercial coverage carriers for your situation.

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Directors and officers liability insurance provides financial protection for those in a company's upper management positions in case they are sued due to their performance, as related to their job duties. Rapidly becoming a fixture in the corporate world, directors & officers liability insurance (D & O insurance) is offered to attract the best candidates while ensuring they are protected from lawsuits related to their job performance. Some jurisdictions also require this coverage to be provided to upper management, making it a regulatory requirement that cannot be avoided.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Coverage

In order to protect key company management personnel from potential liability arising from their job performance, corporations will typically purchase director and officer insurance (Wikipedia definition). Also known as D&O coverage, this policy is often times purchased directly by the company itself, and will pay out either to the individual, or the organization itself, in case of an unfavorable legal judgment.

A company's upper management personnel can be held liable for damages if they breach their contracts or fail to perform their duties. Directors liability insurance is the policy companies need to protect themselves, and their directors and officers, from this type of lawsuit. Company management often find themselves needing to make tough business decisions that might later prove to be a mistake, resulting in lawsuits brought about by third parties. Ensure the right coverage is in place to protect your company and management should this happen.

Common sources of lawsuits covered by D and O insurance are shareholders, customers, regulators, and even competitors in the case of anti-trust or unfair business practice suits. Since there is a wide variety of potential sources of lawsuits, directors and officers liability coverage is becoming more essential. Many locations even require companies to purchase this type of policy to entice people to take these positions. Regardless of whether or not this coverage is mandated by a government entity, it is sometimes essential to provide directors & officers insurance as a normal course of doing business.

Because of its importance, it is easy to see why more upper management candidates are requiring this protection to be in place before they take a job offer. After all, they need to be free to make, what they feel, are the best decisions for the company, without fearing being held liable later on for their actions. With the ability for many different third parties to bring suit against your company if they feel they have been wronged by your management's actions, it is vital to have a D&O policy in place to attract the best candidates, and to retain those you already have.

D&O Insurance Quotes

It has been established that you need D&O insurance coverage, but who offers the policy you need at the rates you can afford? The simplest way to find the best sources of what is sometimes called board of directors insurance is to use NetQuote, the online insurance marketplace. With NetQuote, you will quickly receive quotes for a directors and officers liability policy from top carriers, allowing you to compare rates with minimal effort.

Having the right business coverage in place is vital to the future financial stability of your company. Without the proper protection, your company can find itself in a position where it is held financially liable for damages to a third party and not have the funds available to cover the judgement. Business insurance is designed to protect companies on these occasions, giving them a chance to pay a little now, instead of a lot later. Visit NetQuote today to comparison shop for the coverage your organization needs.

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