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You depend on your company for your livelihood, and so do your employees. Therefore, protecting it with the right insurance for small business is vital. However, you need to be wise when it comes to selecting the right commercial coverage. Make sure you get small business insurance quotes from multiple providers before you choose which policy is right for you.

While many entrepreneurs might not consider small business insurance coverage an option because they feel their company is too small, having the right policies in place is a must no matter if the enterprise is operating out of a spare bedroom with no employees, or operating out of a large facility with a large number of employees. If you have a company, you need to ensure that it has, at the very least, a basic small business insurance policy that serves as a foundation for protecting what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Small Business Insurance Coverage

It is important to get a small business insurance quote to better understand the different types of policies available and know which plans you need in order to properly protect your operation from all types of risks. Sifting through the many different commercial indemnity options can be a real nightmare, especially when you have an organization to run. However, it is important to find a professional to discuss the protection needs of your company.

Shopping for the best small business insurance rates can be a very time consuming affair. Whether you need basic protection offered by a comprehensive business insurance policy, or additional coverage to supplement your existing basic plan, there is a very simple and quick way to check business insurance prices from multiple providers to see which type of commercial indemnity is right for you, at a price your organization can live with. By visiting NetQuote, you are able to request FREE, no-obligation business insurance quotes online from multiple providers, allowing you to find the best protection for your situation.

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Many Different Business Insurance Policy Options

When it comes to insurance for businesses, the types of coverage range from a basic property and liability policy, to specialized protection necessary for certain professions and industries. Below are just a sampling of the different commercial policies that you can quickly and easily request quotes for via the Internet:

  • Liability - Part of any general business insurance policy, liability coverage protects an organization when it is found liable for damages to a third party arising from actions of the company or its employees.
  • Property - The second part of general commercial coverage, a property policy protects the actual physical property of the company. This can include buildings owned by the company, as well as items owned and used by the enterprise, such as computers, office furniture, and general office supplies.
  • Business owners insurance - A business owners policy (BOP) combines basic liability and property coverage into one package that can form the foundation of protection for most small companies. Insurance for small business owners can be made more affordable when basic coverage is purchased as a BOP package.
  • Home based business insurance - Even a company based out of the owner's home needs, at the very least, a basic policy. Home business insurance can be purchased through most providers, or might even be available as additional coverage through a homeowners policy (though this might be less than ideal in some circumstances).
  • Auto - If a company uses cars or trucks during the normal course of business, then it needs to have a commercial auto policy. Even if the vehicles in question are personal vehicles, most likely a commercial policy will be necessary, as many personal policies specifically exclude coverage for business use.
  • Errors and omissions - Professionals or companies that provide advice or a service where they potentially can cause their clients a financial loss during the course of providing the advice or service need errors and omissions coverage. CPAs, software designers, architects and lawyers are just a sampling of the professions needing this coverage.
  • Workers compensation - If your company has employees, then it most likely will be required to carry workers compensation coverage. There are some exceptions to this rule (depending on the state the company is in, etc.), such as if the only employees are the owner and their spouse.

Learn about additional business insurance types that might be relevant for your situation, or see the Wikipedia definition of insurance.

Small Business Insurance Quotes - FREE, Quick, Easy

NetQuote is the Internet's most popular place to compare business insurance costs and policy options. As an online insurance aggregator service, NetQuote lets you quickly request a FREE, no-obligation online business insurance quote from the nation's top providers, such as Nationwide, Farmers, The Hartford, Travelers, and Allstate, as well as local agents. By having commercial indemnity companies compete for your business, you are ensuring you are getting the best policies possible, as well as the lowest available business insurance rate on the plans best for your unique situation.

Request a free business insurance quote online through NetQuote's easy to use web interface. Since 1989, NetQuote has streamlined the process of finding the right type of coverage for over 20 million people. They have the Internet's largest network of national indemnity carriers, and local agents, which saves you a considerable amount of time when it comes to getting the right insurance for a small business.

The cost of business insurance doesn't have to be out of reach for the average entrepreneur. Have business insurance providers compete for your business by requesting free quotes online. Not only is this the best way to find cheap business insurance, but it is a great way to find an agent that you can build a relationship with to ensure your operation is properly protected as it grows.

Online Business Insurance Quotes - Get Yours Today!

Below are some of the different types of policies available to business owners. Read more about the different types of business insurance coverage by clicking on the “Read Review” button for the policy type you are interested in, or go directly to NetQuote and get FREE, no-obligation online small business insurance quotes today. You are not obligated to buy business insurance just because you request a quote, so you have nothing to lose!

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Small Business Liability Insurance

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Review Summary: NetQuote is the leading online business indemnity marketplace, giving you quick access to multiple small business liability insurance quotes from leading providers. Every enterprise needs business general liability insurance and NetQuote connects you with local agents that represent the nation's top companies in order to get the best rates.

prosFREE, no-obligation liability insurance for small business quotes. Quickly receive more than one general liability insurance quote and compare the rates from national providers.

consNo downside. Just the Internet's most popular destination to find the best business general liability insurance rates.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

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Review Summary: If your business operates commercial vehicles, then you need to have commercial auto policy for the proper protection. Save time and a great deal of hassle by getting commercial auto quotes from NetQuote, the leading online business insurance marketplace.

prosFill out one secure online form and receive FREE, no-obligation quotes from top commercial auto carriers.

consNo downside. Quickly get commercial auto quotes from multiple providers.

5 stars read commerical auto insurance review
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Commercial Liability Insurance

NetQuote logo

Review Summary: If you are looking for a commercial business insurance quote, then NetQuote is the right place for you. As the leading commercial indemnity marketplace, NetQuote gives you the ability to quickly locate cheap commercial policies with the coverage you need. If you need a commercial policy quote, then NetQuote is the place you need to be!

prosOne simple, online form gets you quotes from multiple commercial indemnity companies. A great way to find the best rates for commercial policies.

consNo negatives. Easily get commercial quotes.

5 stars read commercial insurance review
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Contractor Liability Insurance

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Review Summary: There is a wide variety of contractors insurance coverages available from a variety of carriers. Use NetQuote to find the best protection at affordable rates for the contractor policy you need to protect your company from lawsuits.

prosNetQuote allows you to get multiple FREE, no-obligation quotes for contractors liability policies, as well as other coverages you need.

consNone. Find the best coverage at the best rates from leading indemnity carriers.

5 stars read contractors insurance review
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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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Review Summary: Directors and officers insurance protects key members of a company's management team from lawsuits brought about due to their job performance. Get FREE, no-obligation D&O policy quotes from NetQuote to easily find the best directors and officers liability carriers for your situation.

prosMultiple quotes from top carriers allows you to shop and compare D & O coverage and rates from the comforts of your office desk.

consNo drawbacks. Just the best rates for the protection you need.

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Employers Liability Insurance

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Review Summary: Employers liability policies protects your company from lawsuits brought by employees injured on the job due to work conditions or workplace practices. It is often packaged in conjunction with workers comp coverage. Use NetQuote to find the best rates for employer liability policies.

prosNetQuote provides you with FREE, no-obligation employer liability quotes from leading companies, allowing you to easily compare rates and coverages.

consNo negatives. Get FREE, no-obligation quotes for employee liability protection from the leading providers.

5 stars read employers liability insurance review
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Errors and Omissions Insurance

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Review Summary: NetQuote is the most popular online source for business policies, allowing you easy access to multiple errors and omissions insurance quotes from top providers. Many professionals need some sort of errors & omissions policy to cover themselves from a mistake that causes financial harm to those they are providing a service to.

prosFREE, no-obligation E&O insurance quotes. Easily and quickly get multiple quotes for error and omission policies from leading indemnity providers.

consNo downside. Just the best source online for E & O protection.

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Fidelity Bond Insurance

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Review Summary: A fidelity bond covers your company against employee dishonesty. Use NetQuote to quickly get multiple quotes for fidelity bonds so that you can compare bond companies to see which offers the coverage you need at the best rates. By comparison shopping online with NetQuote, you can save yourself a great deal of time.

prosOne simple, secure online form gets you multiple FREE, no-obligation quotes for fidelity bonds from leading providers.

consNo negatives, just a great way to quickly get fidelity bond quotes from leading carriers.

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Product Liability Insurance

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Review Summary: Product liability insurance is generally needed if you sell, distribute or manufactures goods or products. Using NetQuote will save you an incredible amount of time and energy finding the product liability indemnity companies that are right for your situation.

prosReceive FREE, no-obligation product insurance quotes from multiple providers to compare rates and coverages.

consNone. Get product liability quotes from top carriers.

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Professional Liability Insurance

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Review Summary: NetQuote is the leading online source for business policies, including professional liability insurance plans. Receive quotes from multiple providers using just one convenient and secure online form. With companies competing for your business, you are getting the best rates.

prosFREE, no-obligation insurance quotes. Easily and quickly get multiple quotes for professional liability protection from national indemnity companies.

consNo downside. Just a great online source for professional liability coverage quotes.

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Surety Bond

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Review Summary: Surety bonds are a financial tool used to guarantee that one party will fulfill their obligation to another party and are issued by commercial insurance companies, though a surety bond itself is not an insurance policy. Visit NetQuote to securely request FREE, no-obligation quote from multiple surety companies. If you need surety bonding, then NetQuote can get you quotes from leading national providers

prosFREE, no-obligation quotes from surety bond companies. Quickly and securely receive multiple quotes from top commercial coverage providers.

consNo downside. Excellent one-stop online shopping for bonds and commercial insurance coverage.

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Workers Compensation Insurance

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Review Summary: Workers comp insurance protects both the employee and the employer by paying for work-related injuries. Get multiple workers compensation insurance quotes quickly using NetQuote's secure online form. As the leading online indemnity marketplace, NetQuote is able to find the best workmans comp insurance companies for you to deal with.

prosFREE, no-obligation quotes from workers comp providers. Fill out one simple online form to receive multiple quotes.

consNo negatives. Great one-stop shopping for workers comp quotes.

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