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Review Summary: Previously known as PayCycle, Intuit Online Payroll is a very mature, online small business payroll software provider offering industry-leading service, at an affordable cost. Intuit Online Payroll lets you quickly compensate your employees, and automatically handles complex tax calculations for you. This is an excellent choice when it comes to online small business payroll service providers.

prosFREE, no-obligation 30-day trial. Electronically file and pay taxes for most states with Intuit Online Payroll Plus.

consNo real downsides. Just a great web-based payroll software for small business product from the people that bring you QuickBooks.

4.5 stars
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Intuit Online Payroll is an Internet-based small business payroll services company that was founded in 1999 by two former Intuit employees, and was originally called PayCycle. They started PayCycle because they envisioned an easy, affordable way for smaller companies to manage their payroll. Their PayCycle Plus online payroll services (Wikipedia definition) solution was awarded a PC Magazine Editors' Choice award for web-based business payroll companies in the fall of 2008.

PayCycle was purchased in 2009 by Intuit, the makers of the QuickBooks, the leading accounting software, and renamed Intuit Online Payroll. With thousands of satisfied customers, Intuit is the industry leading web-based payroll service company.

An Easy Online Small Business Payroll Software Solution

Among leading cloud-based payroll services for small business, Intuit has an exclusive Do-It-With-You (DIWY) technology platform that assists and guides you through the entire process of compensating workers. From initial company setup, to cutting employee checks and paying taxes, they are there for you every step of the way.

Because this is a totally cloud-based system, there is no actual business payroll software to download in order to use it. You do everything via a secure web interface. As long as you have an Internet connection, you are set to compensate those that work for you.

Secure and Accurate

Your company and personnel information is secure when you use Intuit as your payroll service provider. They use password protection with advanced encryption technology, as well as 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, firewalls, and intrusion detection devices to ensure that your data is secure.

The accuracy of the calculation for federal, state, and local taxes are guaranteed by Intuit. If the calculations are ever proven to be incorrect, they will take care of any penalties that you incur.

Payroll Services with Easy Initial Setup and Ongoing Support

Initial setup takes about an hour, assuming you have all of the required company and employee information. This only has to be done once for the company itself and once for each staff member. Once you have everything properly setup, compensating workers is a very simple process that can be done in just minutes.

Intuit will handle the initial setup process for up to 25 employees, if you choose their Plus plan, which handles state tax calculations, and the paying of independent contractors. Their Basic plan does not include the free setup offer, but they are always available to assist you, should questions arise during the process.

Not only does Intuit Online Payroll offer help via email, telephone, and Internet-based resources, they also have online seminars (webinars) that you can attend live, or you can view the recorded event, to give you an overview of their cloud-based payroll for small business solution.

You have access to a telephone number where you can reach a customer support expert Monday thru Friday. There also is limited web-based weekend support, so if you have a question outside of normal business hours, they are there to help.

Simple Online Business Payroll Solution

Once initial account setup is handled, this is a very simple to run online small business software solution. For hourly workers, simply enter the number of hours worked, and any other information, such as commissions, tips, or adjustments. With salaried personnel, you simply make any necessary adjustments. Once you have entered this basic information for each employee, the paycheck calculations are instantly taken care of for you.

Paying your staff is handled quickly and easily via either direct deposit or paper checks. Depending on how each employee is set up, you either initiate the direct deposit or print out actual checks from your printer to distribute as required. You may also handwrite paychecks, if you so desire.

Intuit Online Payroll offers you the ability to pay different personnel on a different schedule. This means that you can compensate your salaried employees every two weeks and your hourly workers weekly, or have a different schedule for all of your staff.

Tax Calculations Handled For You

Tax payments and paperwork are handled easily by Intuit's web-based employee payroll services. All of the necessary calculations and tax form creation are handled by their system. You control when the forms and payments are sent out, and you can choose to handle the federal tax filing and payment electronically.

State tax calculations are available, if you choose the Plus plan. An electronic filing and payment option is available for many states, otherwise you have to print out the completed paperwork and mail it in.

Two Different Plans Available

Intuit's cloud-based employee payroll software solution offers two different service plans: Basic and Plus. The Plus plan is their most comprehensive and popular option. It handles everything necessary to compensate personnel, from the ability to pay both employees and contractors, to handling both federal and state tax obligations.

If you don't need help handling state payroll taxes (or live in a state that doesn't have income taxes), and don't need the ability to compensate independent contractors, then the Basic plan may be right for you. This option is less comprehensive, but also is less expensive. Please see the comparison table below to see which is the best payroll software solution for your company. You may change your plan levels at anytime.

Online Payroll Service System Requirements

As this solution is completely web-based, you can handle payday using a PC or Mac, using current versions of the most popular web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox). High speed Internet will be needed, as well as the current version of Adobe Reader (a free download). As long as you have access to a decent Internet connection, you can handle paychecks regardless of where you currently are.

Several Export Options

Intuit Online Payroll allows you to export your company's data to many of the popular accounting software offerings including Quicken, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online Edition, QuickBooks for Mac, and Peachtree. You can also export data to Microsoft Excel.

This allows you to easily integrate your company payroll services data with your existing accounting system, giving you and your accountant the information needed to keep your organization's finances straight.

Start Using Intuit Online Payroll Today!

With the Intuit cloud-based small business payroll software solution, you can start paying employees as early as today, once you have setup your account. Compensation via direct deposit is not available for approximately 2 and one-half weeks, as it takes about this long to initialize this service.

Intuit Online Payroll offers you the ability to sample their small business online payroll system via their website using a test account. This lets you see how truly easy the product is to use and manage. This is a very mature cloud-based small business payroll solution that has been around for many years and has many thousands of satisfied customers. They allow small companies of almost any size (up to 150 employees) to easily manage the once complicated task of compensating employees.

Intuit offers a FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial of their cloud-based payroll service software, and are currently running a special where the second and third month of service will only cost you $9.99. When it comes to online payroll services for small business, Intuit is the industry leader. Find out for yourself why this is by starting your free trial today!

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Intuit Online Small Business Payroll Software Plan Comparison

Basic Plus
Monthly Price $25 $39
FREE, No-obligation Trial 30 Days 30 Days
No Hidden Charges checkmark checkmark
No Setup Fee checkmark checkmark
FREE Setup Service (first 25 employees) no-x checkmark
No Contract (cancel anytime) checkmark checkmark
Access Online - No Software Download checkmark checkmark
Mac and PC checkmark checkmark
iOS Application checkmark checkmark
Accounting Software Integration QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree
Export to Microsoft Excel checkmark checkmark
Customer Support (Phone & Email) checkmark checkmark
Email Reminders checkmark checkmark
Number of Employees to Pay 1-150 1-150
Number of Employees Covered in Base Fee 1 - $1.50 Per Month Each Additional Employee 1 - $1.50 Per Month Each Additional Employee
Number of States Covered in Base Fee 1 - $12 Per Month Each Additional State You File Taxes In 1 - $12 Per Month Each Additional State You File Taxes In
Multiple Pay Types (Salary, Hourly, Commission, Tips, OT, etc) checkmark checkmark
Pay Independent Contractors no-x checkmark
Vacation & Sick Day Tracking checkmark checkmark
Voluntary Employee Deductions checkmark checkmark
Track Employee Benefits checkmark checkmark
Employee Website for Paycheck Information (Paystubs, etc) checkmark checkmark
Free Direct Deposit (Up to 2 Accounts per Employee) checkmark checkmark
Start Using Mid-Year (Must Enter Previous Payroll Information For Year) checkmark checkmark
Pay Frequency Can be Different for Different Employees checkmark checkmark
Automatically Calculate Earnings, Payroll Taxes & Deductions checkmark checkmark
Guaranteed Tax Calculations checkmark checkmark
Keep Track of Payroll Taxes Owed and Due Dates checkmark checkmark
File and Pay Federal Payroll Taxes Electronically checkmark checkmark
File and Pay State Payroll Taxes Electronically no-x checkmarkMost States
Signature Ready State Forms, Including New Hire and Employer Registration checkmark checkmark
Federal W-4, I-9 & Employer Registration Forms checkmark checkmark
Print Your Own Paychecks & Pay Stubs checkmark checkmark
Multiple Payroll Reports checkmark checkmark
Allows for Multiple Users checkmark checkmark
Overall Rating 4.5 stars 4.5 stars
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