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online payroll services

Every company has to pay their employees, and there are several ways this can be done - the hard way, or the easy way. You can manually calculate what is owed to each worker, as well as what taxes need to be withheld, and when these taxes should be paid. Or, you can use online payroll services (Wikipedia definition) to do the hard work for you.

Choosing to do payroll online is the easiest, and most affordable, way of ensuring your small business payroll processing is done accurately, and in a timely fashion. Web-based payroll services allow you to do everything in the cloud, without the need for additional software download, yet they smoothly integrate with your existing accounting software. Because of online payroll processing, entrepreneurs have more time to build, and operate, a successful venture.

Online Payroll Services

Unless they are accountants, the typical entrepreneur really doesn't look forward to payday. It can be a messy job, with all sorts of manual tax calculations that have to be run. There has to be a better way! Fortunately, there is - online payroll companies offer an Internet-based solution to the problem of paying employees accurately and quickly.

Most entrepreneurs don't have a great deal of extra time, which means they need to use tools that allow them to work more efficiently. Say goodbye to spending hours manually calculating compensation amounts, and crossing your fingers hoping you got everything right. Say hello to web-based payroll software that handles all of the messy calculations for the business owner, letting them quickly pay their employees, and get on with operating a successful organization.

From an easy initial company and employee setup, to adding any voluntary withholding information, an online payroll system greatly simplifies the task of paying your staff. And, with the option of free direct deposit, or manually printing out paychecks, you have great flexibility in how your employees get paid.

Getting Started with Online Payroll Processing

Getting started with online payroll processing is a fairly simple procedure. You only have to setup each employee's file one time, then it is just a matter of entering some simple information each payday. The initial online payroll software setup will determine the amount of taxes withheld, as well as any optional withholding amounts (for retirement accounts, healthcare, etc.).

Each time you need to compensate employees, after initial account setup, you enter hours worked for the pay period via a secure payroll website, and just double check everything looks good. You then let the web-based payroll system go to work, with the option of printing out checks, or utilizing direct deposit. This is compensating employees simplified!

One of the nicest features that an online payroll company brings to the table is that you can file and pay both federal and local taxes electronically. The web payroll service handles all the complex tax calculations, fills out the tax forms for you, and then even walks you through the process of filing the forms electronically. Or, you can just print them out and mail them in - it is your choice. Bottom line is that when you handle payroll processing via an Internet payroll solution, your tax calculation nightmares are a thing of the past!

Choose a Web-Based Payroll Service

Choose a web-based payroll services provider and simplify the process of paying your employees. Payday will no longer be a laborious task. It becomes a simple activity of quickly processing employee compensation. Payroll services online have taken a much disliked task and made it quick and easy.

We have reviewed the leading online payroll service so that you can make an informed decision regarding if this option is right for your company. This online payroll software solution gives you all of the advantages of the big company solutions, at a cost that the smallest enterprise can afford. If you have employees, then this is the solution for you!

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Review Summary: Intuit Online Payroll is a very mature, online small business payroll software services provider offering industry-leading service for an affordable cost. Intuit Online Payroll lets you quickly pay your employees and automatically handles complex tax calculations for you. Intuit Online Payroll is an excellent choice when it comes to a web-based payroll service.

prosFREE, no-obligation 30-day trial. Electronically file and pay state taxes for most states with the Intuit Online Payroll Plus payroll solution.

consNo real downsides. Just a great online payroll processing solution from the company that brings you QuickBooks.

4.5 stars read review
online payroll services
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