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Many small businesses, and many individuals, need to have the ability to be able to send and receive faxes, yet everyone does not need a standalone machine built specifically for this purpose. An online fax service is the affordable solution to this problem, eliminating the need for a conventional facsimile machine, and its dedicated phone line. Take your faxing online for the ultimate in convenience, with the potential to save a good deal of money over the traditional way of using copper phone lines to transmit documents.

Read our online fax service reviews to learn how to send and receive faxes online, eliminating the need for conventional hardware. For an incredibly low monthly fee, you are able to send a fax online to a fax machine, either from a web interface, from an email, or directly from certain programs; all without having to invest in a dedicated machine, and another phone line. Faxing has never been easier when you use one of the below reviewed online fax services.

The Versatility of Online Faxing Services

With an online faxing service (Wikipedia definition), you are able to receive documents via the web from anyone who uses your dedicated toll-free or local online fax number. You can then read the messages you receive via the service's web interface, or have them sent to your email inbox so that they find you wherever in the world you are. This gives you the ability to send and receive a fax online from any Internet connected computer, rather than being tied down to a facsimile machine at a fixed location.

Using a fax service online gives you a variety of ways to receive your documents, and to be notified when you get a new one. The best online fax service will send you an email when you have received a new message, with the facsimile itself attached to the email. This lets you quickly view the newly received document, without much effort on your part. You can also receive notifications via your cell phone (text message) when you get a new document. You can then check your email, or log onto your online faxing account, at your convenience, to review your new message.

Online Fax Services Are The Smart Choice

When you use an on line fax service, you are being good to our planet. You don't waste paper printing out unnecessary paperwork, and you don't waste energy by always having a separate piece of equipment on. When you combine this with the money you are saving by not having to purchase and maintain a dedicated piece of hardware, or pay for a separate phone line, you can see why sending a fax online is rapidly becoming the choice for anyone needing to communicate via this method.

Instead of buying a dedicated piece of equipment, which you can use only at one location, use your online fax machine to send and receive faxes online. For a low monthly fee, starting at just $7.99, you have the use of powerful online faxing services, which you can use to transmit and get your important documents from anywhere in the world. As long as you can get on the web, you have access to your account that lets you view received facsimiles, as well as send faxes online. Faxing has never been easier!

In today's age of email communication, many individuals and businesses still have a need to communicate via fax. An Internet fax service gives you the flexibility to do so when and where you need to, all for much less than you would spend just for the dedicated phone line for a traditional facsimile machine. Make the smart choice and use fax services online for your document transmittal needs, and free yourself from the constraints of using the traditional method.

Online Fax Service Reviews With FREE Trials

Read our online fax reviews so that you can make an informed decision as to which service is right for your small business, or individual needs. Give the below on line fax services a try for free with the available 30-day trials, to see first hand how convenient using an electronic fax service is. You will never send documents the conventional way again!

There are plans available for all levels of users, from the power users that are continuously sending and receiving documents via fax, and for those that just have the occasional need to do the same. For just pennies a day, you can have a full-featured cheap online fax software solution that meets your specific needs. All plans include dedicated online fax numbers just for your use, which means people send you documents as if you had a traditional machine. Sending faxes online is as easy as sending an email, while receiving faxes online is the same. This technology brings affordable facsimile capability to everyone.

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RingCentral logo

Review Summary: RingCentral Fax is a fax over Internet service that offers great features, at an unbeatable price. By offering a great combination of price, included monthly inbound/outbound pages, and advanced features, this is our top-rated fax from online service. If you need fax over the Internet capability for your business or personal use, this is the right choice.

prosFREE, no-obligation 30-day trial of all plans. Online faxing plans start at just $7.99 per month. No hardware to buy. No contract or commitment. Powerful FaxEditor free software. Cheapest additional pages. Unlimited fax storage duration (200 fax limit).

consNo downside to using this top-rated provider.

4.5 stars online fax service review
best online fax service provider
myfax screenshot
myfax logo

Review Summary: myfax Internet fax solution offers a good selection of features at a reasonable monthly price. However, RingCentral offers the same features to let you fax documents online, plus more, for less money, and offers a free trial for ALL of their online fax plans.

prosFREE, no-obligation 30-day trial of the most popular plan. Internet fax plans start at just $10 per month. 1 year online fax storage.

consCan't sign or edit faxes online. Less features, and more expensive additional pages, than RingCentral Fax.

3.5 stars online fax service review
online faxing service provider
efax screenshot
eFax logo

Review Summary: eFax Plus fax online service is not able to compete head-to-head with other Internet-based fax solutions. There are much better options that offer greater features for a cheaper price.

prosFREE, no-obligation 30-day trial. Lifetime fax storage online.

consPrice. Small number of included inbound/outbound pages. Extra pages expensive.

2 stars online fax review
faxing online service provider