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The Truth About Turnkey Online Businesses

Posted on 19 October 2011

Day 125There are countless numbers who are looking for the ideal business in which they have only to buy a package, switch it on and watch the money roll in without their having to do a thing. It’s a dream.

Even businesses that are promoted as being so-called “turnkey” packages require that time and money be spent in promoting the business.

Such so-called turnkey sites include online pharmacies, gambling and other unsavory sites. Their upsells include website templates, hosting, and promotion and logo design. What these markets have in common is that they are all competitive and that merely throwing up such a site does not guarantee success.

As with any other site, you will need to invest a lot of time and money in order to get your site listed on the first few pages of Google and other search engines.

Be Wary of Affiliate Schemes

Then too, there are the affiliate schemes. People claim to make a fortune merely as affiliates. In most cases, they are lying.

An affiliate scheme is one in which the company promoting a product provides a ready-made site for you and offers you a percentage of each sale made, but, as with any other site, it will be lost on the Web unless you spend the time and effort in promoting it.

There are many products that can be sold through affiliates, including books, CDs and clothing. Digital products such as ebooks, courses, affiliate marketing plans and downloadable software are also commonly sold by affiliates.

Unfortunately, Internet marketing is all too often used to hawk the dream of Internet marketing itself. The buyers are often naïve people who expect to make big money in just a few weeks, and indeed, the hucksters’ marketing copy encourages this belief (with a few appropriate disclaimers thrown in for the seller’s protection).

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Warnings

Then there are the schemes in which the vendor is encouraged to promote other salespeople to sell a particular product. This falls into the category of multilevel marketing (MLM). Love it or hate it, you should be aware of what it is.

The problem with such programs is that those at the top are the ones who make most of the money, long before the little guy or gal gets involved in the picture. The gold is gone.

Be The 1% That Succeeds

I have seen estimates that as many as 99% of those who get involved in Internet marketing fail. Part of the problem is indiscriminate spending on magic products in a desperate search for the Holy Grail.

It is too easy to become a victim of information overload. If you’re always searching for the magic bullet in Internet marketing, you’ll only get distracted from your current marketing plan, which may have worked had you only given it enough time.

Here are a few steps you can follow to reduce your chance of failure:

  • Keep your credit card in your wallet.
  • Inform yourself on the most effective marketing methods.
  • Do your research online by reading books and by talking to people.
  • Analyze your talents and preferences carefully.
  • Build your business around something you’re already interested in.
  • Stick with the marketing plan you have decided on.

How About a Franchise?

Although many people dream of running their own business, many recognize that they do not have the skills needed to make it a success. Perhaps a franchise is the best option for them.

Don’t think that just because you operate a home business that you couldn’t work a franchise. There are franchise opportunities for home-based businesses such as office cleaning and even dental drill repair.

In a franchise, the franchisee purchases a business plan from the franchiser. Such businesses generally have a better chance of success because of the guidance and supervision given in the early stages. Of course, this level of support is expensive and will require heavy upfront costs on the part of the franchisee, as well as a percentage of the initial profits.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous operators in the world of franchising as well, and they may cater to the desire to make a quick buck by offering unproven businesses. You should do thorough research on any franchise opportunity you are considering. Talk to others who have bought into the same franchise and assess their experiences.

Choose Your Field Wisely

Needless to say, the level of competition in any field will largely determine your chances of success. A field that could be a dream to work in with low competition could be a nightmare if the competition is stiff. That’s one thing the so-called gurus won’t tell you.

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