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Online LLC Formation from $97 - Forming an LLC Online Makes Sense!

forming an LLC

When you are starting your company, you will want to create some sort of business entity. You can operate as a sole proprietor, or as a partnership, but for personal asset protection and tax reasons, many entrepreneurs choose the route of forming an LLC (limited liability company).

The LLC is a great organizational structure for the entrepreneur who is looking for more personal liability protection and tax benefits than they could get without using a formal business entity. Having a business structure in place is the smart way to go for the typical entrepreneur.

LLC formation offers you the personal liability protection of a corporation, without all of the formalities you have to deal with when you incorporate. Also, depending on how you set up your company's tax structure, you may be able to have the tax benefits of a corporation (talk with an accountant to see if this applies to your situation). Anyway you look at it, deciding to form an LLC is a much smarter move than operating without a formal business entity in place.

Before you decide that forming a limited liability company is the right move for your business, always consult with a tax and legal professional to get their advice for your particular situation. This is the best way to make sure you are making the smartest choice when it comes to a formal business structure for your company. Consulting with professionals prior to deciding on which structure to go with can save you a great deal of hassle down the road.

Forming an LLC Makes Sense for Small Businesses

By forming an LLC, you have greater credibility in the eyes of customers, other companies, banks, and potential partners, when compared to operating as a sole proprietor or partnership. Many companies that your organization needs to deal with will only deal with “real” companies that are operating under a formal business structure. If you try to deal with another organization when you have no formal operational structure, you will most likely get nowhere fast. And, forget about getting a commercial bank account, or having a company credit card, if you don't have a business entity, such as a limited liability company.

Choosing to form a LLC really brings a great many benefits to a small company, without any notable drawbacks. Unlike a corporate structure, there are no annual filing requirements, nor are there the other ongoing paperwork requirements that corporations usually have to deal with. The decision to form a limited liability company (Wikipedia definition) is a smart move for most entrepreneurs, and is one to be taken only after talking with the appropriate professional who is familiar with your situation to make sure it is the best decision for your exact circumstance.

Form an LLC Online

There are many reasons to form an LLC when you start your small business. Forming a LLC is really simple when you choose to use an online LLC formation service. With the ability to form an LLC online, you ensure your formal business entity is created correctly, so that there are no issues later on. With the most basic online limited liability company formation service costing just $97, plus state filing fees (which you will pay regardless of whether you form an LLC online, or do it yourself), there is no reason to not choose a web-based service.

While online LLC formation services are not able to dispense legal advice, they are able to help you supply the necessary information to start your limited liability company. Furthermore, they are experts in making sure that all the necessary business structure documentation is completed correctly, and filed properly, greatly reducing the chances of a mistake being made in the filing process. For the very reasonable fee that one of these online services charges, it really makes no sense to not consider using them to form a limited liability company.

Online LLC Formation Services Reviewed

Below, you will find a selection of web-based companies that you can use when forming an LLC. All of these online services allow you to form an LLC, or any type of corporation or business partnership, all for less than what a typical law firm would charge you. Explore the most popular services below and learn more about how choosing to use an online service to start your limited liability company makes sense, especially when compared to doing it yourself, or using a traditional legal firm.

Simply select which review you are interested in reading by clicking on one of the "Read Review" buttons below. Or, you may compare the three online LLC formation services to find out which one is right for your company.

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LegalZoom logo

Review Summary: LegalZoom is the leading destination for online business formation services, including starting an LLC. With LegalZoom, starting a LLC is quick and affordable, saving you up to 85% from what an attorney would charge you. Their 3-step online process and affordable pricing makes the file LLC online task a pleasurable experience. Offers cheap LLC formation to help save you money.

prosPrice. Unlimited Customer Support. Nationally known. Forming an LLC takes as little as 7 business days. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

consNo real downside to using LegalZoom.

4.5 stars read review
form an LLC online
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bizfilings logo

Review Summary: As a pioneer in online business formation services, BizFilings offers a competitive package for setting up an LLC online. BizFilings is a great alternative to the other companies for online formation services.

prosFree six months of registered agent service. Guaranteed filing accuracy. Online chat and toll-free customer service phone assistance available.

consLLC Operating Agreement and other LLC forms are not customized to your business.

4 stars read review
form an LLC online
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the company corporation logo

Review Summary: With over a century of experience, The Company Corporation specializes in limited liability company formation and business incorporation services. However, their pricing isn't super-competitive when it comes time for creating an LLC online.

prosExclusive $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee. Standard expedited service for states that offer this. Standard 6-12 months of Registered Agent Service.

consLLC Operating Agreement is an additional cost. State fees tend to be higher than other online limited liability company formation services.

3 stars read review
form a LLC online