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VOIP Phone Systems for Small Business - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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For many companies, the telephone is a vital link to customers and suppliers, which is why a quality, small business phone system is so critical. Small business phone systems used to be a major investment, but that is no longer the case. Today, you can get VOIP phone systems for small business for a very minor monthly investment and get communication capability that was once reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

Affordable Small Business Phone Systems

RingCentral Office cloud-based small business telephone systems do not require you to make a large investment in equipment. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection to connect your IP handsets to (handsets are available from RingCentral for a nominal, one-time fee). After the easy installation, you get a VOIP phone system for small business that utilizes the Internet to give you dedicated phone lines, a hosted PBX to handle call routing, and unlimited** calling within the US and Canada.

With several affordable plans to choose from, RingCentral Office allows your small company to have the same communication technology that large corporations have access to, at a fraction of the price. With the ability to grow with your needs, RingCentral Office is a virtual office phone system that is able to meet the demands of most companies.

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VOIP Phone Systems for Small Business Features

Giving you the advanced telecommunication features your organization deserves, without the need for expensive hardware, pricey setup and installation, or the need for technical knowledge, is how RingCentral Office VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol - Wikipedia definition) phone systems for business sets itself apart from traditional solutions. Getting an affordable, high-quality, small business telephone system has never been easier.

Here are some of the features found in the RingCentral Office small business phone service:

  • Your choice of a toll-free or local number to be used as your main company phone number. You also get a direct dial local number for each extension your service has. Customers can call the main company number and be routed to the correct extension via the included virtual PBX, or call the local direct dial number to contact an employee directly.
  • No matter which plan you choose, RingCentral Office gives you an unlimited number of extensions to use. You can use these extensions any way you wish, such as routing calls to telephones at an external location, including cell phones, and your home line during off hours. Each extension comes with a full featured voicemail box, which takes a message when you are not able to talk.
  • No matter how many phone lines you end up getting, each one comes with unlimited calling** within the US and Canada, eliminating the need for a separate long distance service. This also applies to inbound calls made to your local phone numbers. You will also get 1000 included toll-free minutes for inbound calls placed to your toll-free number (if you choose to have one), with additional toll-free minutes available at an extremely reasonable cost (see the below comparison table).
  • Full call routing and control is included with RingCentral Office. Just a few of the ways you can control where calls are routed include the day of week, the time of day, and incoming caller ID. You also have the ability to see who is calling and choose to answer the call, reject it, route them directly to voicemail, or have them listen to an instant voice message.

Other features included with RingCentral Office include dial-by-name directory, complete call logs, and a full-featured online fax service. See the table below for other advanced communication features found with RingCentral Office VOIP small business phone systems.

As you read small business phone system reviews, you will see what features are available from different providers. It should be very clear that the features that RingCentral Office gives the entrepreneur are some of the best available at any price. It wasn't that long ago that a company would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the telecommunication features that are now available for just a few dollars a month.

A VOIP Small Business Telephone Systems Leader

For many years, RingCentral has been a leader in virtual telephone systems with their RingCentral Mobile service. With the introduction of RingCentral Office cloud-based telephone systems for small business, RingCentral continues to offer affordable communication solutions for the little guy. If you need a full featured, cloud-based business phone system, then this service should be at the top of your list!

Visit RingCentral to find out if RingCentral Office is the best small business phone system to meet your company's communication needs. Bring your company's communication into the 21st century with this powerful, cloud-based business telephone system.

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RingCentral Office VOIP Small Business Phone System Plans

RingCentral Office Features:
1-Line System

4-Line System

10-Line System
Monthly Price $39.99
$119.96 $299.90
Optional VOIP Phones That Arrive Pre-Configured and Ready To Use (one-time charge) From $99 From $99 From $99
30-day Money Back Guarantee checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free Setup & Instant Activation checkmark checkmark checkmark
No Contract (month-to-month service) checkmark checkmark checkmark
No Additional Telephone Lines, Hardware or Installation Required - Only Need High Speed Internet Service checkmark checkmark checkmark
"Plug & Ring" - No complicated set-up checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hosted Virtual PBX - Maintained by RingCentral checkmark checkmark checkmark
Unlimited Monthly Minutes for calls in US and Canada** checkmarkfor 1 user checkmarkfor 4 users checkmarkfor 10 users
1000 Included Toll-Free Minutes Each Month (3.9ยข/min additional) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dedicated VOIP Phone Lines 1 4 10
Additional phone lines: $39.99/mo per line for 1-3 users - $29.99/mo per line for 4-19 users - $24.99/mo for 20+ users checkmark checkmark checkmark
Phone Extensions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Toll-Free or Local Main Company Phone Number checkmark checkmark checkmark
Transfer Existing Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Local Direct Dial Phone Numbers 1 4 10
Additional Toll-Free or Local Phone Numbers $4.99/month $4.99/month $4.99/month
Receive Fax Via Included RingCentral Number checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dedicated Fax Number $4.99/month $4.99/month $4.99/month
Complete Internet Fax Capability checkmark checkmark checkmark
Virtual Auto Attendant (Virtual Receptionist) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dial-by-Name Directory checkmark checkmark checkmark
Internet Voicemail with eMail Delivery checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Forwarding & Transfer Service checkmark checkmark checkmark
Routing & Answering Rules checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hold Music/Messages checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Screening checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Controller with Real-Time Call Control checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Logs checkmark checkmark checkmark
Other Advanced Business Phone Features checkmark checkmark checkmark
** RingCentral Office Excessive Use Policy:
small business telephone systems fair use policy

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