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VOIP Business Telephone Service with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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The best business phone services need to have the features and capabilities available to a large corporation, without the large corporation price tag. Today, there are cloud-based small business phone service providers offering a full-featured communication solution starting at under $40 per month, with capabilities once only available at a much more expensive price.

Most companies rely on the telephone to be their primary means of communication with current, and future, customers. If your company falls in this category, you don't need to settle for some second rate business telephone service when you can have access to the same technology that the largest of companies use, without having to pay large company prices. Don't settle for basic small business phone solutions from your local phone company when you can tap into the Internet to give you the advanced calling features your company deserves, all at a price you can't say no to.

small business phone service provider

Affordable Small Business Phone Service

All you need to use the RingCentral Office VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol - Wikipedia definition) small business telephone service is a high-speed Internet connection, and IP capable handsets, which are available directly from RingCentral. You then get dedicated phone lines, a virtual PBX to handle the answering and routing of your incoming calls, and a cloud-based phone service with unlimited** calling within the US and Canada, without the need for expensive equipment.

As a small business phone system that can grow with your organization, the RingCentral Office VOIP phone service for small business is a very affordable alternative to conventional business phone solutions, offering capability once out of reach of the average small operation. Take advantage of your high-speed Internet connection to bring your company the communication power it needs to grow and be successful.

VOIP Small Business Telephone Service Features

As a VOIP business phone service provider, RingCentral offers many advanced features while eliminating the need for complex hardware, costly installation, and technical expertise required to operate the system. It has never been easier to get a high quality VOIP business phone solution at an affordable price!

Below are just some of the features available with RingCentral Office's small business phone plans:

  • Toll-free or local main company phone number with direct dial local numbers for each extension. An individual extension can be reached either from your main business number through the virtual auto attendant, or directly via a direct dial local phone number.
  • Multiple extensions that can be forwarded to the available VOIP handsets, existing hard-wired copper lines, cell phones, or even your home number during after hours. With RingCentral Office, you have complete control over call routing, and even have the ability to change incoming call routing based on time of day, day of week, or even the incoming caller ID.
  • Voicemail is available with each extension, allowing callers to leave private messages for the employee they are trying to reach. Voicemail messages can be forwarded to email addresses specified by you, or you can listen to them via your handset or via your online RingCentral account. In other words, no matter where in the world you happen to be, you can quickly and easily receive new voicemails.
  • Each of the RingCentral Office business phone plans comes with complete Internet faxing capability. Easily send faxes from your computer and even digitally edit, and sign, documents you receive. Any of your included phone numbers can receive faxes, or you can opt to get a dedicated fax number.

RingCentral Office even gives you the option of purchasing pre-configured VOIP handsets that are ready-to-use once you hook them up to your broadband Internet connection. You only need to buy this equipment once and then your only ongoing cost is the reasonable monthly fee you will pay for the business phone plan itself. RingCentral maintains the virtual office phone system equipment, letting you concentrate on running your operation, not maintaining complicated hardware.

See the table below for additional features available in each of the RingCentral Office business phone packages. Visit the RingCentral website to see other ways their business Internet phone service can help your small company communicate better with the customers that it relies on to survive.

A Leading VOIP Business Phone Service Provider

Among cloud-based business telephone service providers, RingCentral is a leader that offers a VOIP solution for any-sized organization. With affordable options that will allow your company to get the same communication features enjoyed by Fortune 500 corporations, RingCentral Office has a cloud-based small business telephone services plan to fit your needs.

Visit the RingCentral Office website to learn more and to order your VOIP small business phone service today! Give your organization the telephone capability it deserves and remove any barriers of communicating with those that you depend on to be successful.

small business phone service provider

RingCentral Office VOIP Small Business Phone Service Plans

RingCentral Office Features:
1-Line System

4-Line System

10-Line System
Monthly Price $39.99
$119.96 $299.90
Optional VOIP Phones That Arrive Pre-Configured and Ready To Use (one-time charge) From $99 From $99 From $99
30-day Money Back Guarantee checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free Setup & Instant Activation checkmark checkmark checkmark
No Contract (month-to-month service) checkmark checkmark checkmark
No Additional Telephone Lines, Hardware or Installation Required - Only Need High Speed Internet Service checkmark checkmark checkmark
"Plug & Ring" - No complicated set-up checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hosted Virtual PBX - Maintained by RingCentral checkmark checkmark checkmark
Unlimited Monthly Minutes for calls in US and Canada** checkmarkfor 1 user checkmarkfor 4 users checkmarkfor 10 users
1000 Included Toll-Free Minutes Each Month (3.9ยข/min additional) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dedicated VOIP Phone Lines 1 4 10
Additional phone lines: $39.99/mo per line for 1-3 users - $29.99/mo per line for 4-19 users - $24.99/mo for 20+ users checkmark checkmark checkmark
Phone Extensions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Toll-Free or Local Main Company Phone Number checkmark checkmark checkmark
Transfer Existing Numbers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Local Direct Dial Phone Numbers 1 4 10
Additional Toll-Free or Local Phone Numbers $4.99/month $4.99/month $4.99/month
Receive Fax Via Included RingCentral Number checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dedicated Fax Number $4.99/month $4.99/month $4.99/month
Complete Internet Fax Capability checkmark checkmark checkmark
Virtual Auto Attendant (Virtual Receptionist) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dial-by-Name Directory checkmark checkmark checkmark
Internet Voicemail with eMail Delivery checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Forwarding & Transfer Service checkmark checkmark checkmark
Routing & Answering Rules checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hold Music/Messages checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Screening checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Controller with Real-Time Call Control checkmark checkmark checkmark
Call Logs checkmark checkmark checkmark
Other Advanced Business Phone Features checkmark checkmark checkmark
** RingCentral Office Excessive Use Policy:
small business phone solutions fair use policy

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