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Filing a DBA with LegalZoom Fictitious Name Registration

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DBA filing is required if you are going to operate a business under any other name than your company's legal name. This holds true for a corporation, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship. Either you use the actual name of your business, or filing a DBA is in your immediate future.

DBA is an abbreviation for "doing business as", and is also known as a fictitious business name, assumed business name, or trade name. If you want to open up a bank account, or operate under anything other than the legal moniker of your company, then fictitious name registration is required. Fortunately, the process is fairly painless, even more so when you let an online service, such as LegalZoom, handle the details for you.

DBA filing online

DBA Filing as a Sole Proprietor

The most important reason to file a DBA, if you operate as a sole proprietor, is so that you can open up a bank account, or collect money, in a name other than your personal, legal name. Without a DBA name filing, you will have to operate under your legal name and cannot brand your company with an assumed business name. Choosing to operate a company under your personal name is not a great way to gain any sort of credibility, to say the least!

DBA registration is a good alternative to deciding to form an LLC or corporation, as it is a cheaper way to start your company. However, if you are operating as a sole proprietor using a DBA (doing business as), you do not have any of the personal liability protection you have as an LLC (limited liability company) or corporation. For this very reason, it is often times not recommended to operate as a sole proprietor, but rather have some sort of formal business structure for your company (always consult a professional to see what is best for your particular situation).

DBA Registration For an Existing LLC or Corporation

If you have a limited liability company or a corporation that you currently operate your business under, but want to use a different name for the public to see, you need to do a fictitious name filing so that you can legally operate under that new public facing name. For example, your legal company moniker is "ABC Plumbing, LLC", but you want to do business as "Fast, Reliable Plumbing, LLC", you would need to register a DBA. This allows you to open a bank account, or collect money, under the name "Fast, Reliable Plumbing, LLC", and otherwise use this moniker in the course of running your business.

There might be circumstances in which you formed your company under one name, but later decided that you really want to operate under a different one. For example, you realize that using a new designation might be better for marketing purposes, or to further differentiate yourself from your competitors. Rather than scrap your current business structure and start over (not a great alternative), it is easiest to file a "doing business as" (DBA - Wikipedia definition), and start operating under the new name.

Filing a DBA with LegalZoom Fictitious Name Registration

As outlined above, there are good reasons for getting a DBA declaration filed, depending on what type of company structure you are operating under, as well as what name you are operating your organization under. Once you have decided that you need to do a fictitious name registration, the next step is to figure out how to go about doing so. Sometimes, the best choice is to let a professional handle the process for you, freeing you up to worry about other aspects of running a successful operation. Not to mention, issues with setting up a DBA can be avoided if you let someone experienced with the process do the work for you.

LegalZoom is the leading online legal documentation service and is a great choice to use for DBA filing. They have an easy, 3-step DBA registration process and handle all of the details for you. While you can handle the fictitious name filing yourself, there are advantages to using an online service to handle the process on your behalf. See the below table to see what LegalZoom's process includes, and why you should use them to take care of the process for you.

With LegalZoom, you fill out a simple, online questionnaire, which they check for common mistakes. They then prepare your "doing business as" statement and file it with the correct government agency. LegalZoom also handles the DBA name search and publishing of your declaration in a newspaper, if this is required by your state. They then send the approved DBA application to you with simple instructions on how to complete your fictitious name filing.

DBA filing is simple and affordable when you use LegalZoom. Why handle the process yourself when your time is better spent on other aspects of your company? Start your LegalZoom fictitious name registration today!

LegalZoom DBA Filing Package Contents

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Price (+ State Filing Fee) $99
Preliminary DBA Name Search (where required by law) checkmark
LegalZoom Peace of Mind Review of Application checkmark
Preparation of Your DBA Application checkmark
Filing of DBA Application With Correct Government Agency checkmark
If Required, Publication of DBA Statement in Approved Newspaper checkmark
If Required, Filing of Proof of Publication with Appropriate Government Agency checkmark
Free First Class Shipping checkmark
Subscription to LegalZoom's Periodical Legal Newsletter checkmark
Preparation of Federal ID Application (optional) $30
Obtain Federal Tax ID Number From IRS (optional) $79
Prepare Seller's Permit Application (optional) $35
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